Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Service (referred to as the "Terms") are applicable to users with accounts set for the European Union. The services are provided by Segrow SIA (registry code 40203089372), located in Riga, Latvia (referred to as the "Service Provider"). These Terms govern your (referred to as the "Client") access to the Services. It is crucial to understand and agree to these Terms without exception to use the Services. Additionally, Data Processing Terms are available on the Website https://www.segrow.com/en/privacy-policy

1. Service, Platform, and Packages

The Service Provider offers various services (referred to as the "Service") to Clients, primarily providing cloud software (referred to as the "Platform"). The Platform can be accessed through the web www.segrow.com (referred to as the "Website"), its subdomains, or a mobile application (referred to as the "App"). Details about current packages (referred to as the "Service Level") can be found on the Website.

2. Registration and Contract

To avail the Service, the Client must fill in a registration form on the Website, confirming agreement with these Terms. The completed registration form, or a confirmation by email in case of account creation by the Service Provider, along with these Terms, constitute the Agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider.

3. Special Terms

The Customer and the Service Provider may enter into a User Agreement, specifying, amending, or supplementing these Terms. Such agreements must be signed by authorized representatives and take precedence over these Terms.

4. Free Trial and Payment of the Service

Upon initial registration, a free trial period ("Trial Period") is granted. After the Trial Period, the Client can continue with the paid Service by submitting the desired Service Level Selection and payment details. The Service Fee is charged immediately after switching to paid Service unless the Client opts not to continue, leading to account closure.

5. Fee

Services are available as a one-time fee, monthly, or annual fee (referred to as the "Fee"), subject to applicable taxes. The Service Provider may change Service Levels, notifying the Customer in advance.

6. Change the Package

The Client can change the Service level, users, and additional services at any time. Fee changes apply from the start of the new billing period.

7. Payment

The Customer agrees to pay invoices for Service use by the due date. Payments can be made through methods specified on the invoice.

8. Violation of the Obligation to Pay

If payment is overdue, the Service Provider may send reminders and restrict or suspend access until claims are paid. The Customer is liable for costs related to debt collection.

9. Use of the Service

The Client affirms that the Platform meets their requirements and is responsible for User actions. Use of the Service constitutes data processing, and the Customer is accountable for compliance with these Terms and legal requirements.

10. User Confirmation

Users confirm their rights and authorizations to use the Service. The User is responsible for account security and must report any misuse or loss of access.

11. Customer Data

The Customer has the right to enter unlimited Data through the Service. The Service Provider retains Data confidentiality and uses it solely for authorized purposes.

12. Customer Service, Correction of System Errors, Maintenance, and Development Work

The Service Provider ensures customer service during specified hours. System errors are addressed promptly. The Service Provider may modify Service functionality, notifying the Customer in advance.

13. Data Processing Agreement

The Customer grants the Service Provider consent to process personal data in compliance with the GDPR. The Service Provider may use sub-processors for Service provision.

14. Prohibited Activities

The Customer and User may not use the Service for illegal, harmful, or fraudulent purposes. Prohibited activities include the unauthorized processing and transmission of personal data.

15. Regular Termination

The Agreement may be terminated by either party with a 30-day notice. Upon termination, access is suspended, and the Customer may request Data transfer.

16. Extraordinary Suspension and/or Termination

The Customer may terminate if the Service Provider breaches the Agreement. The Service Provider may suspend access for User violations, reinstated upon satisfactory evidence.

17. Monitoring the Use of the Service

The Service Provider collects statistics to improve the Service and may report illegal activities to authorities.

18. Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Service Provider owns copyrights to the Website, Service, and associated materials. Reproduction without express permission is prohibited.

19. Safety

The Service Provider implements security measures for Data in compliance with applicable law.

20. No Warranty

The Service Provider disclaims all warranties for the Service, providing it "as is." The Service Provider is not liable for interruptions, errors, or security of personal data.

21. Limitation of Liability

The Service Provider's liability for damages is limited to the amount paid by the Customer for the Services in the last six months.

22. Divisibility

If any provision is found invalid, it does not affect the validity of the remaining Terms.

23. Assignment

The Service Provider may assign rights under these Terms without consent, unless it hinders Agreement performance.

24. Compensation

The Customer indemnifies the Service Provider for claims arising from Data, Service misuse, or violation of these Terms.

25. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Latvian law governs these Terms. Disputes are resolved in the Riga City Court.

26. Amendment of the Terms

The Service Provider may amend these Terms, notifying the Customer. Continued use implies agreement. Non-agreement requires termination.

For questions or notices related to the Agreement, contact customer support at support@segrow.com.