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Manage your properties

Keep all your properties in one organised database. For agencies it's a structured way to share and access properties within the team.
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Publish your properties with a single click

One click and your object is shared on your agency website or local property portals in your country. No website? We can help you with that.

Manage your clients

Adding your clients to Segrow does not only make your work more organised and faster, but also comes with some great added benefits, such as - matching your clients with properties in your portolio.
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Match clients with properties automatically

Become the fastest deal closer with this automated matching where all your properties are automatically matched with all the clients in your portolio. Great feature for individuals, but even better for agencies.

Generate and send Proposals to your clients

Our real-estate-focussed pdf templates allow you to generate proposals from any object in your database an send them to your clients in just a few clicks.  
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Work smarter with Sales Pipeline

A Sales Pipeline is a visual way to track potential deals from start to finish. Realtors use it to manage leads, prioritize tasks, and boost sales by staying organized and focused on converting prospects into clients.

Drive agency sales with Team Statistics

Elevate your agency with Team Statistics, spotlighting top-performing agents based on their sales activity. Stay ahead by identifying star performers, fostering healthy competition, and maximizing your agency's success effortlessly.
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Do much more

Organising properties and clients in one simple place is the core reason why realtors choose to use Segrow. However, for many it is far more than that - Contract and Invoice management, Meeting Room management, Shared Team Calendar are just few from other beloved features.

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